General conditions and data privacy policy




Ménage Emploi is an initiative of the State of Geneva for the promotion of jobs in the domestic services sector. We connect private employers (hereafter called the “client”) who are looking for personnel with domestic employees who are looking for work or supplementary income.

Our mission is to offer our clients a high-quality service that fully meets their requirements. With this in mind, it is essential, during the transmission of a selection request, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or via the Internet to correctly define the position and the profile of the candidate sought.

1.    Services

Our consultants rigorously select candidates following an initial interview with the client. During this interview, the following points in particular are clarified:

  • The tasks to be carried out;
  • The profile sought;
  • The professional experience desired;
  • The number of working hours;
  • The salary allocation;
  • The starting date;
  • The place of work.

Ménage Emploi’s services cover all the work inherent in finding and selecting candidates:

  • The initial interview with the client;
  • Finding candidates;
  • Interviewing selected candidates
  • Taking professional references
  • A presentation of the candidate’s professional background (anonymised data) accompanied by the consultant’s assessment
  • Introducing the candidates selected by the private employer
  • Support and advice until the conclusion of a contract
  • Follow-up during the trial period in a private household.


Ménage Emploi ensures the strictest professional confidentiality for employers and candidates. The content of the application files and all the information that will be exchanged with the employer will be handled in a strictly confidential manner.

In accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, only the employees of Ménage Emploi and the private employers having entrusted Ménage Emploi with a mission for which the candidate is registered will have access to the candidate’s personal data (following signed authorisation from the latter).

Clients shall ensure that the candidates’ data shall not be accessible to unauthorised persons. This data must be kept in a safe place.

The candidate files presented by Ménage Emploi must be treated in a strictly confidential manner and cannot in any way be transmitted to a third party or be used for any purposes contrary to the intended purpose in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Swiss Data Protection Act (LPD). The personal documents of the candidates provided by Ménage Emploi remain the exclusive property of Ménage Emploi except in the event that the applicant is appointed. If the candidate is not appointed, the client must return their file to Ménage Emploi and delete any documents that were sent by e-mail, without making copies.

If the client wishes to obtain further external information about the proposed candidate, they must obtain the prior written consent of the candidate as well as that of Ménage Emploi.


By entering your personal information on the Ménage Emploi website, you are granting Ménage Emploi the right to process this information in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and for the use mentioned above.


Ménage Emploi’s service offerings in terms of finding and selecting candidates can in no way replace an in-depth analysis on the part of the private employer.

Ménage Emploi declines all liability with regard to the candidates proposed.

Ménage Emploi also declines all liability in the event of stolen data.


These general terms and conditions respect the legal federal and cantonal provisions in terms of employment service. For any dispute between the client and Ménage Emploi, Swiss law is applicable. Geneva is the place of jurisdiction.

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